5-Minute History

5 Minute History (Five Minute History) is an attempt to explore Islamic History and Culture. We highlight aspects of Islamic culture and history that are often overlooked and uncover the historical gems on a daily basis.

Neelesh Chatterjee

Neelesh Chatterjee is a young historian. He has authored the book "The Second Alexander: An Account of the Most Successful and Least Understood Sultan of Delhi".

Sarim Ashrafi

Sarim is the founder and chief editor of 5-Minute History


SemiMyth Entertainment LLC is a games company with a focus on deep strategic gameplay and well-researched history. You can find details on their maiden project, A Lion’s Age, a strategic experience focused on the people and cultures of medieval South Asia

5 Minute History

At 5 Minute History, we tell you the stories from the past of Islamic Culture and Heritage with the help of maps, videos, and infographics