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Sultan Mustafa II is born

Sultan Mustafa II is born

On this day, 6 February 1664 CE, the 22nd Ottoman Sultan Mustafa II was born in Edirne. His eight and a half year reign witnessed major military debacle (1697) and territorial losses (Hungary and the Morea). After the Treaty of Karlowitz (1699), he abdicated in favour of his brother Ahmed Ill on August 19, 1703, and retired to Edirne.

At the accession of Sultan Mustafa II (February 6, 1695), the Ottoman Empire was in the midst of the long Holy League War, fought against Habsburg Austria and her allies, Venice, Poland-Lithuania, the papacy and, from 1686, Muscovy, as Russia was then known. The most traumatic event of his reign was the loss of Hungary by the Treaty of Karlowitz in 1699.

The Holy League War (1684–99) that was triggered by the Ottomans’ unsuccessful second siege of Vienna in 1683, had exhausted the empire’s resources, led to revolts in the Arab provinces, and revealed the questionable loyalty to the dynasty of the Ottoman elite and provincial notables. To tackle these problems the government of Sultan Mustafa II experimented with new approaches to military recruitment and finances.

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